Salafi Zubair Zai Insults Imam Abu Yusuf Hanafi for No Reason

Salafi Zubair Zai pseudo muhaddith exposed series

In this post we shall show you, how this British Dog Zubair Zai used to slander and insult Imam Abu Yusuf for no evidence based reason, all in blind hatred for Muslims following the jurisprudence of the great Imam Abu Hanifa.

Zubair zai is known for his lame and hatred based attacks on Muslims for them merely being Hanafis, yes thats all you gotta do to get slandered by this british dog. The reason i call these pseudo muhaddiths british dog is because their foundations are british, they were literally funded and raised by British.

So this is how it goes:
He weakens a narration and then says full in hatred that the chain is weak because 1, Asad bin Umro is weak(blatant lie we will talk about it later) and 2nd, Imam Abu Yusuf is considered weak near majority of the muhadditheen(nothing but hatred).

Commendation of Abu Yusuf:

Imam Dhahabi the giant:
he destroyed the jarh of Imam Bukhari, Aqeeli and Ibn Aflaas after quoting them. and then writes, while completely destroying the british dogs:

” He was a mujtahid, His station was so high that theres no other station after that(of his). ” Subhan Allah.

Ibn Hibban writes:

أَبُو يُوسُف يَعْقُوب بْن إِبْرَاهِيم بْن حبيب بْن سعد بْن حبتة من أهل الْكُوفَة يروي عَنْ يَحْيَى بْنِ سَعِيدٍ الأَنْصَارِيِّ روى عَنْهُ بشر بْن الْوَلِيد وَأهل الْعرَاق وَكَانَ شَيخا متقنا (الثقات ابن حبان)

Imam Ibn Adi writes:

ابی یوسف وھو ثقہ لا باس بہ(الکامل ابن عدی)

Strict(Mutashaddid) Imam Ibn Maeen writes:
He says no one from the Ashab ar Raaye is more Thabt and Thiqa than Imam Abu Yusuf. Ref: al Kaamil.

Imam Nasai writes:
He is THIQA.

Imam Bayhaqi writes:

Imam Ahmad says:

Imam ali bin Madeeni says:

Imam Umro bin Bakeer says:
I only narrate from Abu Yusuf from the Ahlur Raaye.

as you can see, this is not limited to these muhadditheen only. we will write more of it later.


this is what gave cancer to zubair zai because he had no knowledge of Ilm Hadith and Jarh wa Tadil.

نا عبد الرحمن أنا إبراهيم بن يعقوب الجوزجاني فيما كتب إلي قال سمعت أبا نعيم الفضل بن دكين قال سمعت ابا حنيفة يقول لابي يوسف: انكم تكتبون في كتابنا ما لا نقوله.

Imam Ibn naeem says that he heard from Abu Hanifa that he said ” Abu Yusuf you write stuff that you do not hear from me ” but this incomcplete narration is found in (الجرح والتعدیل) which proves that Zubair Zai did not have much knowledge of other books and complete narrations its clear that he was an utter failure and waste of oxygen. I pity his sad parents.

Complete Narration:
2461 – قال أبو نعيم وسمعت زفر يقول كنا نختلف إلى أبي حنيفة ومعنا أبو يوسف ومحمد بن الحسن فكنا نكتب عنه قال زفر فقال يوما أبو حنيفة لأبي يوسف ويحك يا يعقوب لا تكتب كل ما تسمع مني فإني قد أرى الرأي اليوم وأتركه غدا وأرى الرأي غدا وأتركه بعد غد

O Abu Yusuf you start writing everything that I state, you shouldnt do this because today I might give one opinion and then tomorrow i might change it(because of new, strong evidence) and retract from the previous one.

As you can see this is the proper and complete narration narrated by Imam Naeem Fadal bin Dakeen from Imam Zafar. This proves that both of these narrations are from one sitting/majlis and they are not narrated separately.

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